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Australia's Submarine Heritage
Subs from down under

MK48 Torpedo Demonstration
Photo's, film footage and diagrams of an exploding torpedo


OBERON Class Submarines
Canada's active submarines.

Cuban Submarine Crisis
The story that has never been told.

Finnish Navy in World War II
Including great info on the Finnish WWII subs.


Still looking for a good link

Greek Submarines


Wilhelm Bauer
Submarine engineer 1822 - 1875 (German language).

The best English link for the U-boat war 1914-1918.

Deutsche U-Boote im 1.Weltkrieg
The best German link for U-Boats in WWI (German language).

Great site on Germany's Merchant U-boats (German language).


The other U-boat war / Der andere U-Boot Krieg
Allied vs German/Axis U-boats (German language).
The best link for the U-boat war 1939-1945.

Deutsche U-Boote 1935 - 1945 (German language).
Great site with high quality forum.

Dedicated to this famous U-Boat.

Die geschichte der Deutschen Weltkrieg II U-Boote (German language).

U 505
Go on a very impressive virtual tour.

The first submarine to be captured by the Germans in World War II.

U 99 - Der Wolf im Atlantik
Nice page with lost of info on U 99.

The US U-boat Archive
Unique records and photos of the US U-boat archives

The illustrated home of the German WWII submarine force.

The U-boat Bases in France
The U-boat bases of the Second World War in France.

German Human Torpedoes and Midget Submarines
All you like to know about these WWII weapons.

Die Geschichte von U-463
The German Milk Cow (supply) boat U-463 (German language).

U 35 and its most fortunate U-Boat crew
U 35, a WWII Type VII U-Boat.

Deutsche U-Boote 1935 - 1945
Good site that also covers the pre-WWII period.

U-Boot-Museen in Deutschland
Collection of links on the German U-boot museums (German language).

U-Boats in Brasil
About the u-boats sunk off Brasil


Israeli Submarines
All Israeli subs, plus a very interesting story about the disappearing of ISN Dakar.


Submarines of the Italian Navy

Sommergibily: Submarines of the Italian Navy
Italian submarines from WWII to the present.

General sub info and a good Italian sub section.

I Sottomarini oggi / Submarines today
Italian and other subs.

Italian Submarines in World War II
Great graphics and contents

Submarines of the Imperial Japanese Navy
Page is part of the impressive website.

The Transpacific Voyage of H.I.J.M.S. I-400
How this sub sailed from Japan to the US.


GEIR`s Norwegian Submarine Page
Norwegian submarines photos and related stories.

Royal Norwegian submarines Uredd and Ula in world war II.

The Polish Submarine ORZEL: Legend of WWII
History of this Dutch export submarine.

Paul Konings Submarine Page
Lots of great Orzel photos

Okręt podwodny Orzeł
page (Polish language)

Okręt podwodny Sęp
page (Polish language)

ORP Orzel
Great looking site (Polish language)

ORP Orzel game
Orzel computer game  (Polish language)

Russian Submarine for Sale
Located in Florida. Sale for exhibition purposes only.

Russian Navy Weapons Catalogue
Including submarine data.

Cuban Submarine Crisis
The story that has never been told.


Prepared For All
Spanish submarines.

Jan-Erik Thoft´s Submarines
All Swedish subs (Swedish language).

The Submarines of the Swedish Navy
The official Swedish Submarine pages.

Ubåtar 100 år
Celebrating 100 years of Swedish submarines. (Swedish language).

History of Turkish submarines
The name says it all.


Royal Navy Submarines
Great site, Smell! the Diesel of the British subs.

Subs of the Royal Navy
Lists every sub (including captured subs) that has ever been commissioned to the RN.

A Reference of British Submarines 1901 to the present day.

  Royal Navy Subs
The official site.

The first submarine to be captured by the Germans in World War II.


Tourist subs, submersibles and ROV's

CSS H.L. Hunley
The first ever submarine to sink an enemy ship in combat.

John Philip Holland (1841-1914) And His Submarines
ALL you want to know, and more :-), about this men and his subs.

Simon Lake
Great site on this famous 'other' US submarine designer.

USS Pampanito (SS-383)
Extensive information on this WWII museum sub.

Through a looking glass
A submarine photo assay 1900 to 1940.

U.S.S. Bowfin
Submarine Museum & Park.

U.S.S. Hawkbill SS 366
War patrols, tech details, photo's and more on this US / Dutch submarine.

U.S.S. Icefish SS 367
War patrols, tech details, photo's and more on this US / Dutch submarine.

Guppy Submarines
Tribute to the United States Guppy Submarines.

U.S.S. Ling
Includes on of the best virtual submarine tours on the web.

Submarine Lifeguard League
Men and submarines involved in lifeguard operations

Green Board
Extensive collection of United States Submarine web pages.

Cuban Submarine Crisis
The story that has never been told.

Dedicated to helping US submarine sailors and their families stay in touch.

Extensive data on ALL US submarines ever commissioned.

USS Flasher SSN 613 and USS Flasher SS 249
The history of these two famous submarines.

Al you ever wanted to know about this sub, which is now on public display.

Steel in the Deep
U.S. submarines info and lots of great submarine related sound files.

USS Halibut and USS Rasher gangway page
For a nuclear or a diesel ride.

Submarine Tenders of the United States Navy
Dedicated to the Ships, Officers and Crew of the US submarine tenders.

(US) Submarine Wives Club
The name says it all, also interesting for submariners.

USS Sea Fox (SS402)
Served from 1944-1970 WWII, Korea, Vietnam, WestPac

USS Blenny SS-324
Extensive info about this WWII sub. Great sections like: humour, torpedo attack and gun action.

Historic Ship Nautilus
World's first nuclear submarine.

The Fleet Submarine
Online WWII fleet submarine manual.

Neal Stevens' Deep Domain
Tribute to the Submarines of America's Silent Service, also has a great Sub-Sim section.

USS COD Home Port
Homepage of the USS COD SS-224, a WWII fleet submarine.

Periscope Shots
Unique site with great periscope photos of targets.

USS Sunfish SSN-649 alumni association
Website dedicated to this fast attack submarine


Virtual Sub Links
Still growing but very promising site.

Ron Martini's Navy Submarine Base
Tons and tons of great submarine links. THE place to start a deep search.

Submariners Information Page
Extensive collection of World Wide Submarine web pages.

Hazegray and Underway
Technical data on ALL ships, including subs, from ALL Navies.

Museum Submarines
ALL submarines on public display around the world.

Onderzeeboten Pagina
Lots of submarine related links.

How Submarines Work
The very basics (kids site).

Submarine Technology
How periscopes, asdic, diving etc  works

Submarine Dive Technology
Contains lots explanatory animations and images.

World War II Submarine Technology
Info on systems, procedures, equipment . . . and more.

MK48 Torpedo Demonstration
Photo's, film footage and diagrams of an exploding torpedo

The PooP Deck
Lots of interesting nautical and submarine articles/links.

400 Years of Subs
Good site on the history of the submarine.
The BEST site on this subject.

The Saga of the SUBMARINE
History of the submarine

Worldwide Submarine Insignias
For everyone interested in submarine insignias.

World wide not-for-profit organization focusing on submarine modelling.



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