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W. Naudin ten Cate
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Willem Naudin ten Cate
July 15th 1860, Haarlem December 18th 1942, 's-Gravenhage

Ranks Kaptz W. Naudin ten Cate (Photo:  Collection J.J. Kragten) Decorations
Adelborst year 1875 NL. 3 ?
Adelborst I 1878, 1 Sep E. 9, 17  
Ltz. II 1880, 1 Oct KRK  
Ltz. I 1891, 11 Jul XL  
Kapt.ltz. 1902, 16 May Mk  
Kaptz. 1906, 16 Nov DD. 2  
Sbn. 1912, 1 Jul    
V.Adm. 1914, 16 Aug    
Retirement 1919, 1 Apr    
Submarine Commands

1882 - 1899   Netherlands East Indies
1882, ? - ?   Cdt. naval detachment at Atjeh.
 Involved, with Naval artillery unit, in the defence of the settlement Samalangan.
 Later mainly involved in hydrographical surveys on the D.E.I. coast.
1899, ? - 1900, ?   Cdt. river boat Hr.Ms. "Merva"
1900, ? - 1900, ?   Cdt. navy training vessels at Hellevoetsluis
1902       Involved in the construction of the "pantser" ship Hr.Ms. "Hertog Hendrik" and
First Officer during her trials (1904)
1904, ? - 1906, ?   Cdt. "pantser" ship Hr.Ms. "Hertog Hendrik"
 To the D.E.I. aboard this vessel.
1905 - 1907   Netherlands East Indies
1906, ? - ?   Cdt. cruiser Hr.Ms. "Zeeland"
 Took part in the expeditions against the Small Sunda Islands.
1907, 3 September - 1911, 1 May   Cdt. Torpedo Service, also commander of the Submarine Service
1910, ?       On training voyage with three torpedo boats to Norway
1911, 4 July - 1912, 29 May   Cdt. Dutch Squadron D.E.I.
1912, ? May - 1913, ? June   Member State Council for the defence of D.E.I. (so-called Vloot-commissie 1912)
 Plead to make Tandjong-Priok the main Naval port.
1913, October - 1918, 16 September   Cdt. Position of Den Helder and  Dir. plus Cdt. Navy at Willemsoord.
 He pursued to improve de old fortification around Den helder, was responsible
 for the building of the Naval Air force camps De Mok and De Kooy and also the
 fortification of de Waddeneilanden (the Frisian Islands).
1918, 16 September - 1919, 20 February   Minister of the Navy

Civilian career
? - ?   Member of the Board Nederlandse Basaltmaatschappij at Zaandam
1942, 12 August       Offered the Germans to use him as hostage in exchange for the release of younger persons.

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Biografisch Woordenboek van Nederland, deel II, p. 93
Ned. Patriciaat, 1985
Th.J. Naudin ten Cate, "Beknopte levensbeschrijving van vice-admiraal W. Naudin ten Cate (1860-1942)", in family archives.
Beschrijving van Hr.Ms. "pantser" ship "Hertog Hendrik" by S. Bakker and W. Naudin ten Cate, 's-Gravenhage, 1904.

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Nickname: ?

Father of J.W. Naudin ten Cate (#1669),
Grandfather of L. Naudin ten Cate (#5970).



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