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H.C. Nieuwenhuisen
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Henri Cornelis Nieuwenhuisen
May 20th 1892, Bandung (Java) , ? 

Ranks No Image Available, please click here if you have an image of this commanding officer. Decorations
Adelborst  year 1911 XXX Date ?
Adelborst I 1914, 6 Aug  Mk
Ltz. III 1915, 16 Jan     
Ltz. II 1916, 6 Aug     
Ltz. I 1925, 22 Jan     
Kapt.ltz. 1937, 6 Sep     
Retirement 1946, 1 Jun     
Submarine Commands
Hr.Ms. "O 1"*   ? - ?
* Unconfirmed and probably incorrect.

? - ?   Cdt. Hr.Ms. "O 1"*
1938       To the Dutch East Indies on board cruiser Hr.Ms. "Java"
1941 - 1942   Navy Commander Tarakan (Dutch East Indies)
1942, 4 March - 1945, 15 August   P.O.W. (Japanese)
* Unconfirmed and probably incorrect.

Civilian career

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Nickname: "Bloedhond" (Bloodhound), because of the pouches under his eyes.
Father of  E.W.H. Nieuwenhuisen (#2432).
Also W. Nieuwenhuisen and A. van Wagensveld, can not confirm that their uncle has indeed cmmanded  a submarine. So it seems that the report that this officer commanded a submarine is incorrect.



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Main sources: W. Nieuwenhuisen, A. van Wagensveld, various editions of the 'Gedenkboek Adelborsten Opleiding' and 'Naamboek Officieren'.






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