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Dutch Submarine-builder RDM Markets Morays to Indonesia

AMI International, December 2003.

In mid-October 2003, RDM submarines are being offered to Indonesia to fulfil that nation's submarine requirement. One aspect of the Indonesian navy's modernization plan is for the acquisition of at least two submarines from South Korea by 2008. However, industry sources indicate that there may be an alternative plan on the table, with the Indonesian navy also being offered two new-construction Moray submarines by RDM, marking the second time that the Moray has been offered to Indonesia, with the first being in 1994.

As an interim measure until the Moray-class could be delivered, the Indonesian Navy may take possession of two Zwaardvis-class submarines (formerly of the Royal Netherlands Navy) that have been stranded in Malaysia since 2000. The two Zwaardvis-class submarines were shipped to Lumut Naval Base in Malaysia under a private venture between PSC-Naval Dockyard and RDM, apparently under the same circumstances that Indonesia is being offered the submarines, as an interim measure until new-construction Moray-class submarines could be delivered.

The entire Malaysian Zwaardvis/Moray deal was subsequently cancelled in January 2002, when the Malaysian navy selected the French Scorpene design. The cancellation of the Zwaardvis/Moray deal puts even more pressure on RDM as it has still not been able to sell the Moray design, which once was hoped to be a success on the foreign market. Failures in Indonesia in 1994, Egypt in 2000, and Malaysia in 2002 have raised questions over the Moray design, as most foreign navies are putting forth the requirement of a proven hull before purchase.

RDM hopes to make a sale to the Indonesians. However, the Indonesian navy has already publicly announced their desire to procure the South Korean Type 209 submarines, when they are replaced by the Type 214s in 2007 and 2008. The Indonesian navy currently operates two Type 209 (Type 1300)-class submarines and it would be easier to integrate the South Korean Type 209s than the Zwaardvis and Moray designs.


Possible sale of submarines to Indonesia

De Volkskrant 27 Jul 1996.

The Dutch RDM shipyard is negotiating the sale of two retired Dutch Navy Zwaardvis (2) -class submarines and a newly built Moray 1400 submarine to Indonesia. The package would cost Indonesia about 800 million Dutch guilders. This means the two Zwaardvis (2) -class submarines are almost given away for free, but RDM Submarines could finally sell the her first Moray type boat.

Moray 1400 computer imageMoray 1400 computer image

The biggest problem right now is the 10% (10 million guilders) commission that Jakarta expects. The sale is an off spin of Queen Beatrix' visit to Indonesia in 1995.

Zwaardvis (2) (first of class) in the North Sea. Zwaardvis (2) in the North Sea.

Decommissioned by the RNLN in 1994 after 22 years service, Zwaardvis (2) and its sister boat Tijgerhaai (2), both of the Zwaardvis (2) class were acquired by RDM Submarines for re-sale the following year. The two 2,400-tonne submarines are currently in care and maintenance storage in Rotterdam.


Dutch Submarine to be Decommissioned

JANE'S DEFENCE WEEKLY Saturday October 8, 1994.

The Royal Netherlands Navy has announced that it is to decommission the HrMs Zwaardvis submarine after negotiations with Indonesia to transfer the vessel stalled. The second Zwaardvis class SSK HrMs Tijgerhaai will also be decommissioned in 1995 if no customer is found.







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