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Chien Lung/Hai Lung type for Taiwan
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Cut-away view of a Chien Lung / Hai Lung class submarine Cut-away view of a Chien Lung / Hai Lung class submarine


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The Taiwanese order for these two submarines, which are variations on the Dutch Zwaardvis (2) design, was signed in September 1981. The construction of the boats was delayed because of financial difficulties of the Dutch  Wilton Fijenoord shipyard but was resumed in 1983.  Application for a further two boats with an option of another pair has been turned down by the Netherlands Government in 1992 after PRC (China) protested by downgrading its ties with Holland.


Class Chien Lung / Hai Lung
Boat Hai Lung
(Sea Dragon)
Hai Hu
(Sea Tiger)
Pennant # 793 794 (not 795)
Yard # 817 818
Type Conventional attack submarine
Class name Chien Lung (Sword Dragon).
Western sources often refer to the class as Hai Lung class.
Building contract September 1981
Laid down 15 Dec 1982 Dec 1982
Launched 6 Oct 1986 20 Dec 1986
Arrival in Taiwan 18 Dec 1987 ( Kaohsiung) ?
Sea trials March 1987 Jan 1988
Commissioned to
Taiwanese Navy
9 Oct 1987 9 Apr 1988
Design Dutch Zwaardvis MK2 design
Shipyard Wilton Fijenoord, Schiedam
Le x Be x Dr 66.9 m x 8.4 m x 6.7 m
+-1900 t / 2376 t / 2660 t
Propulsion Diesel-electric
Engines Three Bronswerk/Stork-Werkspoor RUB 215x12 diesels,
4050 hp(m), 3 MW. 3 alternators, 2.7 MW
Main motor One Holec electric motor, 5100 shp, 3.74 MW
Batteries Two 196-cell batteries
Shaft 1
Speed surf/subm 12 kts / 20 kts
Range snorting 10000 nm at 9 kts. Maximum complement is 79
Diving depth 300 m
Hai Lung reached test depth of ? m on 12-14 Apr 1987 trials.
Complement 67, incl. 8 officers
Torpedo tubes 6 x 21" bow
Torpedo type AEG SUT, dual purpose, wire-guided, active/passive
homing to 12 km (6.6 nm) at 35 kts, warhead 250 kg.
Manufactured under license in Indonesia.
Missiles Provisions made for carrying Feng 2 SSM's
Armament 20? or 28? torpedoes
Fire control Sinbads M combat System.
Spectrum data/combat system.
Radar Surface search: Signaal ZW-07.
Sonar Hull mounted: Signaal SIASS-Z, passive/active intercept
search and attack, low/medium frequency.
Towed array: Fitted for but not equipped with passive
towed array
ESM Radar warning: ?Signaal Rapids.
Radar warning?: Argo AR 700SF
Elbit Timnex 4CH(V)2, intercept

- Ben Dijkstra was part of the trial crew of these submarines and reports the trials where from Sept 1986 till June 1987. He still remembers that the sespecially the first sub needed a lot of extra lead, especially forwrad. First dives where conducted in the North Sea's Devil's Hole (75 meters water depth) and the rest in Norwegian Fkords.
- Both submarines shipped to Taiwan on board a heavy dock vessel.
- Originally the Taiwanese order consisted of six submarines, but only two were delivered and the plans for the other four are cancelled.
- Oct 2001: there are rumours about a modified Chien Lung / Hai Lung class for Taiwan. Full story.
- Oct 2001: Under George Bush’s arms package proposal of 23 April 2001, the Mk 48 heavyweight torpedo and the UGM-84 submarine-launched Harpoon missiles were offered, and probably will be utilized during the class' mid-life update.



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