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Tijgerhaai (2) and Zwaardvis (2) (Photo: Collection Jos van Eijkelenburg) Tijgerhaai (2) and Zwaardvis (2) (Photo:  Collection Jos van Eijkelenburg)


Boat Zwaardvis (2) Tijgerhaai (2)
Pennant # S806 S807
Yard # 320 321
Type Conventional patrol submarine
Class name Zwaardvis (2). Named after first of class. Second class named Zwaardvis
Navy estimates First instalment approved in 1964.
Ordered 24 Dec 1965
Laid down 14 July 1966
Launched 2 July 1970 25 May 1971
Commissioned 18 Aug 1972 20 Oct 1972
Midlife conv. 1989-90 1987-88
Decommissioned 1994 1995
Fate ?Probably will be sold/leased to Malaysia?, this deal did not pull off and the subs are currently laid-upin a Taiwanese shipyard.
Design Based on the Barbel class (U.S.A)
Shipyard Rotterdamse Droogdok Maatschappij, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Le x Be x Dr 66.92 m x 8.40 m x 7.10 m
Displ. surf/subm 2350 t / 2620 t
Propulsion Diesel-electric
Engines Three Werkspoor RUB 215x12 diesel engines + generators; 4 stroke; turbo charged; 4200 shp; 980 Kw at 1500 rpm.
Main motor One motor, 5100 shp
Batteries 2 groups
Shaft/Propeller 1 shaft / Five-bladed propeller
Speed surf/subm 13 kts / burst speed over 20 kts
Range snorting 10000 nm at 9 kts
Diving depth >220 m
Complement 65 or 67, incl. 8 officers
Torpedo tubes 6 x 21" bow. Two torpedoes can be launched simultaneously.
'Catapult' launch system can launch torpedoes up to a depth of 200 meters
Torpedo type When built: Honeywell Mk 37 mod2 plus the upgrades NT 37 C mod2 and NT 37 C/D/E
Honeywell Mk 48 Mod 4
Armament 20 torpedoes
Fire control When built: HSA M8.
After refit: Scaled-down HSA GIPSY, retaining the earlier M8/7 FCS
Radar Surface search: British type 1001; I band
Sonar as build Hull mounted: Krupp Atlas; passive ranging; medium frequency.
Hull mounted: Krupp Atlas DSQS 21; passive/active search and attack; medium frequency.
Sonar after refit Hull Mounted: French Thomson Sintra Eledone (?Octopus). passive/active search and attack; medium frequency; 32 stave.
Towed array: GEC Avionics  type 2026, passive search, VLF.
Sonar dome aft of the sail probably also removed during the refit.
Sonar period ? Probably: Flank array FAS 3-1A standalone.
Flank array: Hybrid flank array. Using commercial Interstate Electronics Corp. spectrum analyzer, an HP-1311A display unit , and TNO's interface type JO116 electronic unit.
ESM Radar warning: Argos 700 radar warning.
Probably: The S-Ku band ESM system is designated SPR-06/00, using a BBR-05/00 receiver and an EIS-1 classifier. The system monitors all bands, but must be set to analyze in only one at a time (frequency, PRF, pulse width). It is not clear whether this is the same system as the AR 700 system (see above).
Scopes Search: Barr & Stroud CK 027.
Attack: Barr & Stroud CH 077.
Notes - Teardrop hull design.
- Two Chien Lung/Hai Lung class submarines, which are variations on the Zwaardvis (2) design,
   were exported to Taiwan in the 1980s.
- After the Dutch Navy decommissioned these subs there have been many rumours about a possible deal,  between R.D.M. and a foreign country, to sell these two submarines. Check the news section and the individual boat histories of Zwaardvis (2) and Tijgerhaai (2) for more information.
- Reserve fuel tank #5 normally used to store 25 t of water



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