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Boat O 16
Class name O 16. Named after first of class. "O" stands for "Onderzeeboot" (submarine).
Laid down 28 Dec 1933
Launched 27 Jan 1936
Commissioned 26 Oct 1936
Fate 15 Dec 1941 lost
Design Dutch, by Ir. G de Rooy.
Shipyard Koninklijke Maatschappij De Schelde, Vlissingen
Le x Be x Dr 76.53 m x 6.55 m x 3.97 m
Displ. surf/subm 984 t / 1194 t
Engines Two 8-cylinder M.A.N. diesel engines, 4-stroke, 1600 apk
Main motor 460 apk, Dutch type.
Batteries 2 x 96 cells. 5300 Ah during 5 hours
Snorkel First boat in the world equipped with a snorkel system.
Propellers 2
Speed surf/subm 18 kts / 9 kts
Range surf/subm 10000 nm at 12 kts / 26 nm at 8.5 kts
Diving depth 80 m
Complement 36
Torpedo tubes 4 x 21" bow, 2 x 21" stern, 2 x 21" (1x2) external-traversing amidships
Torpedo type IV53
Armament 14 torpedoes
Guns 1 x 8.8 cm (Swedish), 2 x 40 mm (2x1) (English) in single 'disappearing' mounts in watertight wells forward and aft of the conning tower.
Periscopes 2 x Nedinsco
Sonar First Dutch boat equipped with a geruispeiler (listening device) from Atlas Werke (Bremen). In those days 'Atlas' was the best on the market.
Notes - First Dutch submarine made from high quality Steel 52.
- When compared to its predecessors, 49% of all riveting was replaced by welding.
- Last Dutch class for intended for use in home waters only.
  The following classes made no distinction between 'O' boats (for home waters) and 'K' boat (for the colonies).
- Snort system performed well in good weather. See the O 2, K II and O 19 class for more snort info.



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