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O 1 at sea.
O 1 at sea.
O 1 in  Vlissingen.
O 1 in  Vlissingen.


Boat O 1
Yard # 116
Type Patrol submarine for the Dutch home waters
Class name O 1. Named after first (and only) off class. "O" stands for "Onderzeeboot" (submarine)
Laid down 01 June 1904
Launched 08 July 1905
Completed June 1906
Commissioned 21 Dec 1906
Decommissioned 1920
Fate 19?? Scrapped (all but the conning tower).
Other names Onderzeese boot 1, Luctor et Emergo
Design Holland 7P. A design of the Holland Torpedo Boat Co., New York, U.S.A.
Many sources report the type as Holland IX, but this is incorrect.
Shipyard Built under license of the Electric Boat Co, New York by Koninklijke Maatschappij De Schelde, Vlissingen, the Netherlands
Cost 430,000 Dutch guilders. Some sources report 437,000
Le x Be x Dr 20.42 m x 4.08 m x 2.79 m
Displacement 105 t / 124 t
Engines When built: One 4-cylinder OTTO petrol engine, 2-stroke, 160 apk
1914: Replaced by a 4-cylinder, 2-stroke, 200 apk M.A.N. diesel engine.
Main motor One motor, 65 apk, not reversible.
Batteries When built: 60 cells, open Eng. Chloride type, 2300 Ah during 3 hours
1908: Replaced by Hagen batteries.
Propellers 1
Speed surf/subm 8.5 kts / 8 kts
Range surf/subm 200 nm at 8 kts / 24 nm at 6 kts
Diving depth 25 m. According to some sources 30 m
Complement 10
Torpedo tubes 1 x 18" bow
Torpedo type XIIA and possibly XA
Torpedoes had to be disassembled before they could be taken on board.
Armament 3 torpedoes
Guns none
Notes Single-hull type. One main ballast tank



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