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Tonijn, Zeehond (3) and Potvis in Faslane, 1979 (Photo: J. Jaspers). Tonijn, Zeehond (3) and Potvis in Faslane, 1979 (Photo:  J.Jaspers).

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Dolfijn (3) Zeehond (3) Potvis Tonijn
Pennant # S808 S809 S804 S805
Yard # 279 280 782 783
Type SSK. Conventional ocean-going patrol submarine
Class name Dolfijn / Potvis. Named after first of class.
Dolfijn and Potvis are officially considered to be a separate class, the Dolfijn class consisting of Dolfijn (3) / Zeehond(3) and the Potvis class consisting of Potvis / Tonijn.
But all four boats are almost identical after modernization.
Authorized 1949 1962
Laid down 30 Dec 1954 30 Dec 1954 17 Sep 1962 26 Oct 1962
Launched 20 May 1959 20 Feb 1960 12 Jan 1965 14 June 1965
Commissioned 16 Dec 1960 16 Mar 1961 2 Nov 1965 24 Feb 1966
Modernized 1965-66 1966-67 Dsls: 1982-83 Dsls: 1979
Decommissioned 29 Apr 1982 11 Jan 1990 (in reserve) 18 June 1992 10 Jan 1991
Fate 22 Jul 1985
Sold for scrap 
Dec 1997
15 July 1994
Sold for scrap
Summer 1994
Museum boat
Design Dutch. Three cylinder hull. First design by the engineer F. Gunning.
Shipyard Rotterdamse Droogdok Mij, Rotterdam Wilton-Fijenoord, Schiedam
Le x Be x Dr 79.5 m x 7.8 m x 4.8 m 78.3 m x 7.8 m x 5 m
Displacement Stnd/Surf/Subm 114o t / 1530 t / 1830 t 1140 t / 1509 t / 1831 t
Propulsion Diesel-electric
Engines Two 12-cylinder M.A.N. 12-V6V 22/30 diesel engines, 4 stroke, 2 x1250 apk, 2800 bhp When built: Two 12-cylinder M.A.N. 12-V6V 22/30 diesel engines, 4 stroke, 2 x1250 apk, 2800 bhp
After refit: Two SEMPT-Pielstick PA4, 4 stroke, 2 x 1550 apk.
Main motors Smit motors; 2 x 2200 apk; 4200 hp.
After a refit Zeehond (3) is equipped with Holec motors; 2 x 2200 apk
Batteries British, 2 x 168 cells, 7420 Ah during 5 hours Varta, 2 x 168 cells, 7420 Ah during 5 hours
Shafts / Prop. 2 shafts with five bladed propeller
Speed surf/subm 14.5 kts / 17 kts (for 30 minutes)
Range 45 days at sea. 70 hours submerged on  battery power without snorting. 4.5 days (oxygen supply)
Diving depth 300 m. Calculated diving depth is 350 m.
An accidental dive (with the Tonijn) to 400m has been reported.
According to a former Cdt. of Tonijn and Zeehond (3) this is incorrect. Diving depth was 200 m and an accidental dive to 400 m is impossible
Complement 67, including 8 officers.
Torpedo tubes 4 x 21" bow, 4 x 21" stern
Torpedo type Mk 8, Honeywell Mk 37 mod2 (since 1969) plus the upgrades NT 37 C mod2 and NT 37 C/D/E
After refitting: Mk 48
According to a former Cdt. of Tonijn and Zeehond (3) this is incorrect. This submarine class was never fitted with Mk 48's
Mines NATO standard mines
Armament 18 Mk 8
22  Mk 37 (a total of 16 is also reported)
20 Mk 48 (a total of 16 is also reported)
We are not sure if these numbers are correct. Please contact us if you have additional information.
Fire control When built: HSA M8/0.
After refitting: HSA M8/17.
Radar Surface search: British type 1001, I band.
Sonar Hull mounted: passive search and attack, medium frequency.
Sonar-interception: LWS-20D since 1969/1970s.
LWS stands for Luister Waarschuwings Sonar / Listen Warning Sonar.
ESM Radar warning
Periscope 2 Barr & Stroud
Notes - Triple hull design. Pressure hull consists of three cylinders arranged in a triangular shape The upper cylinder accommodates the crew, navigational equipment and armament. The lower two cylinders house the propulsion machinery, as well as store rooms.
- First design by the engineer F. Gunning (working for NEVESBU in 's-Gravenhage) during World War II intended for freight submarines which should supply the island of Malta. More information on these designs at the 4 cylinder submarine page.
- The construction of Potvis and Tonijn was delayed because it was considered giving them nuclear power plants, but financial? concerns prevented this.
- One of the prototype tubes of this class is used for the torpedo-trials vessel Van Bochove.
- Since the summer of 1994 Tonijn is open to the public at the Den Helder Navy Museum.



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